Design of Experiments

The Design of Experiments, DOE is used in the development and optimization of products or processes. Since experiments require resources (personnel, time, equipment, etc.), the person responsible for the trial finds itself in a dilemma between the accuracy and reliability and the necessary effort.

With the DOE, the interaction between influencing factors (= independent variables) and target variables (= dependent variables) is determined as accurately as possible with as few experiments as possible (single experiments).

In contrast to the "old-fashioned" approach, in which only one factor is varied in a test series, several factors are changed simultaneously in the DOE. So-called experimental plans are created, which consider the following:

  • Number of factors to be examined (at least 2)
  • Type of factors to be examined (nominal (= qualitative) or quantitative)
  • Existing information
  • Desired accuracy / reliability of the statements
Published: Wednesday, 29 November 2017 18:28
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