20th of Jan. 2020

Black Belt Training

20/01 - 23/01/2020 (1st Block)
02/03 - 05/03/2020 (2nd Block)
09/03 - 12/03/2020 (3rd Block)
30/03 - 02/04/2020 (4th Block)


03th  of Jun. 2018

Minitab Training

03/06 - 04/06/2019 (two-day)
03/06 - 05/06/2019 (three-day)

09th March 2020

Upgrade Black Belt Training

09/03 - 12/03/2020 (1st Block)
30/03 - 02/04/2020 (2nd Block)


25th May 2020

Upgrade Black Belt Training

25/05 - 28/05/2020 (1st Block)
22/06 - 25/06/2020 (2nd Block)


23th November 2020

Upgrade Black Belt Training

23/11 - 26/11/2020 (1st Block)
14/12 - 17/12/2020 (2nd Block)


23th of March 2020

Lean Management Training


23/03 - 24/03/2020 (two-day)


About us

We are a specialized training and consulting company for the qualification according to the Lean Six Sigma method.



Staying up-to-date with process optimization from Six Sigma - benefit from our many years of experience.



Current information about Six Sigma


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Design of Experiments

The Design of Experiments, DOE is used in the development and optimization of products or processes. Since experiments require resources (personnel, time, equipment, etc.), the person responsible for the trial finds itself in a dilemma between the accuracy and reliability and the necessary effort.

With the DOE, the interaction between influencing factors (= independent variables) and target variables (= dependent variables) is determined as accurately as possible with as few experiments as possible (single experiments).

In contrast to the "old-fashioned" approach, in which only one factor is varied in a test series, several factors are changed simultaneously in the DOE. So-called experimental plans are created, which consider the following:

  • Number of factors to be examined (at least 2)
  • Type of factors to be examined (nominal (= qualitative) or quantitative)
  • Existing information
  • Desired accuracy / reliability of the statements
Published: Wednesday, 29 November 2017 18:28

"Six Sigma is the most effective way to increase efficiency and productivity, as well as reduce costs."

- Prof. Dr. M. Schmieder - (Management)


What is Six Sigma?

For a successful Six Sigma project, specific knowledge of the Six Sigma approach (DMAIC cycle) and the Six Sigma tools are required. This is achieved by training employees on Green Belts and Black Belts. Six Sigma Black Belts independently carry out Six Sigma projects, Green Belts support them and independently carry out smaller projects. With the help of the DMAIC cycle existing processes get improved. In the literature, all authors point out the combination of both methods. This combination would reduce both waste and variation through the use of Lean Management and Six Sigma. In addition, it is noted that Six Sigma is data-based. Using lean methods, as a rule, the reduction of waste leads to the reduction of the buffers introduced to compensate the variation of the process. If these buffers are dismantled, you have a faulty process, which is caused by missing parts, loss of employees or other causes.

Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt Trainings

Learn from the specialist and become Green Belt or Black Belt

Six Sigma Deutschland GmbH uses an excellent well-trained personnel infrastructure - our trainers have many years of practical experience. Lean Six Sigma Germany trainings:

according to the requirements of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) in both open and inhouse trainings.

Six Sigma Germany supports companies with the introduction of Six Sigma as well as the implementation of Six Sigma projects with coaching.

All coaches and staff are Master Black Belts and have over 10 years experience as Master Black Belt in training and coaching of Six Sigma projects.


Contact us now. We are happy to advise you without obligation.

Six Sigma Deutschland GmbH – Six Sigma Training Specialist at your service

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